My love for Fashion stems from my love for the process to arrive at good aesthetics. While the organisational and presentation skills help me stay connected with business. With Fashion and Business , as a combination , I aim to share an artistic vision of my personal style in the nearing future.


Production Media Associate- ANNA SUI, NEW YORK (2017-2018)

Starting my career as a production intern at Anna Sui for SS18 , I performed tasks at various departments and had a handful experience on how each department works for a collection.  From counting beads to  calculating cost of each garment, from sourcing fabrics to checking the final pieces , from attending fittings  to working back stage at NYFW, Anna Sui has been one of the most valuable internships of my career.

Three months into the internship I was offered a job as a Production Media Assistant which majorely consisted of E-commerce and Media post production and before launch. This allowed me to work directly with the designers, art directors, marketing manager and Photographers. A very well taught practice at Anna Sui was to work with different departments whenever necessary . I often worked with the production department to understand the making of garments from designs. Anna's involvement in various product lines and unique campaigns served as an inspiration to think as a designer and an entrepreneur while live a value creating life.



Vimor, A traditional textile house in India that creates and supports handloom textile revival , Sarees  in particular . This is done by documenting the designs ,techniques and stories and thereby using these to motivate traditional handloom weavers to continue their craft and finding buyers for these heritage designs. As part of the team in 2019, I involved myself completely into studying the research materials on a unique textile and also weaving history by Vimor to be able to document and present research reports required for textile production. My job role also was not limited to a single textile but also involved studying the entire journey of Vimor over the last 40 years and present a compiled work that includes the history, weaving techniques, styles introduced, major campaigns , global focus, societal impacts etc in the form of a book that is now showcased at Vimor- Textile and Handloom Museum, Bangalore, India. 


Master Pattern Making, KATHMANDU, NEPAL

Teyang- A vegan Clothing brand owned by the designer Tenzing Yangkyi. She is a graduate from London School of fashion specialising in Pattern making and soon started her own label. Her Workshop  was a perfect place to learn all the pattern making skills starting from the very basic - understanding of the sizes and basic pattern making. She further taught many techniques like pattern manipulation, dart manipulation,TR technique, Chanel technique that gave me hands on experience and made me fall in love with Pattern Making. In the midst of the process, after pattern making workshop in Nepal I collaborated with Beyond the shapes of fabric , Milan, Italy - An amazing pattern maker who further helped me create Japanese  technique inspired patterns and drapes. 




Design Conceptualisation Skills

Excellent visualisation skills with an eye for detail, compiling all the thoughts into quick short ideas, major  ideation through strong powerful visuals, A tailored process developed to conceptualise the collection starting  from thoughts  to the final test fit  of the garments. 

Master Pattern Making

Create basic patterns according to the fit of the body, create master patterns through various pattern drafting techniques, Create designs through pattern manipulation and drapes combined, Japanese technique of pattern drafting,  Advanced Draping - Drape using The Chanel Technique . Create exceptional designs combined with a sense of pattern drafting.

Exceptional Presentation Skills

Intensive skills of using various art forms to develop presentation using Adobe softwares.  Use of strong visuals to communicate ideas and focus on creative aspects of every minute detail to make a great and understanding presentation. 

Intensive Research and Innovation

From working as a research assistant during an under grad school to documenting research projects at a textile company, the journey has always made research as my core area of interest that helps me come up with creative ideas and designs. 

Creative and Artistic Skills

Allowing myself to freely work on projects without being bound to restrictions , exploring various forms of arts that serves as a prime point to make a project creative and different. Use of softwares, art books from library, great articles and visit to the museums all combined together to form a process to arrive at a well thought concept. 

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Advanced level toastmaster speaker trained to communicate facts keeping in mind the physical, mental and emotional impacts . An active listener for an effective communication skills for a healthy relationship between the two people communicating. Good negotiation skills. 

Multitasking Ability

Highly organised at work with a sense of time management and an ability to work with multiple departments  wherever necessary in a timely manner keeping up the commitments. Know to prioritise events well.


Under Graduation

School - Jain University- Centre for Management Studies 

Bangalore, India

Area of Specialisation - Market Research and Global MarketingSay something interesting about your business here.

Post Graduation

School- Pearl Academy of Design

Jaipur, India 

Area of Specialisation - Design Development (RTW)

Special Programmes

Design Conceptualisation Programme- Domus Academy, Milan , Italy.

Work Shop on Sustainable Fashion - Sass Brown, FIT-New York , USA. 

Master Pattern Making Workshop - TEYANG, Kathmandu, Nepal.